Judging Criteria

INBF Canada is committed to high judging standards.  Hard work from our natural athletes is identified and ranked by a skilled team of judges across all Canadian events.

Banned Substances

Unsure if you’re taking something that’s banned? See the full list here to be sure you’re clean and ready to compete!


Our INBF Canada Team will teach you everything you need to know about competing, what the judges are looking for and much more.


Read the latest articles from the INBF Canada team about everything from Bodybuilding, Contest Preparation, Nutrition, Performance Enhancing Substances, Becoming a Pro, Supplements and more!

 Polygraph Testing

We are different than other organizations for natural athletes; we offer the Polygraph Examination, used as a tool for athletes, to prove that they are indeed natural athletes. Find out more about it here.

 Looking for Photos?

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